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Maynooth University

Студенческая жизнь

The campus is a vibrant place with a wide variety of activities open to all our students. We, here in Maynooth University, believe strongly in providing the total experience for our students. This includes a strong and innovative academic experience as well as providing various activities that help the personal development of our students.

The Office of Student Engagement aims to ensure that our students have as strong a start as possible to their university journey whilst encouraging them to avail of the many opportunities open to them. 

The Office oversees the New Student Orientation Programme and student volunteering as well as developing and supporting other initiatives and opportunities in the areas of community engagement, and student leadership. 

We look forward to seeing you here on campus and contributing to the Maynooth experience.

Where your journey begins.

Проживание студентов

The Residence On Campus are available to all full-time registered students.
Living on campus is a community experience and students who wish to live on campus should understand and accept the following principles:

  • The Residences are suitable only for those who are able to live independently without the help of other residents or any outside assistance.
  • The Residences are not a suitable environment for family living.
  • The Residences are not suitable for hosting events such as late night parties or gatherings as the other residents will be disturbed. 
  • While living on Campus you are part of a community and as such you have a responsibility to play your part - for example:
    • keeping the common areas sufficiently clean and tidy (Hall, Kitchen and Lounge area and/or shared bedrooms and shared bathrooms)
    • respecting others privacy and needs for quiet
    • reporting any risks to safety, a person's wellbeing, or fire of which you become aware using the prescribed protocol as contained in the Residences Handbook
    • logging and using the prescribed protocol, in a timely manner, any maintenance issues of which you become aware
    • reporting any illegality, disorder or noise that affects you or other residents (using prescribed protocol)
    • controlling your visitors' behaviour within the expected norms as set out in the handbook and Licence to Reside
    • managing your own belongings and keeping your bedroom door locked at all times
    • engaging with fellow residents to maintain the peaceful enjoyment of the residence for all
    • limiting your use of alcohol to a reasonable and responsible level and being responsible for your own behaviour
  • If you are over 18yrs you will be expected to represent yourself in normal day to day matters in the residences such as logging maintenance issues, renewing your key, paying your fees, making a  request or complaint, using the facilities such as Laundry, Reception and Post Room etc. Parents and/or guardians should limit their interventions as far as possible and allow the resident to manage their own living environment.
  • You are expected to identify yourself to officials of the University if reasonably requested using your student card which should be carried with you at all times
  • You are expected to accept and be fully tolerant of the diversity of people living on campus
  • Treat with respect the staff of the University who are providing Residences Services ( for example Reception, Security, Maintenance, Cleaners, Inspectors, Adminstrators, Professional and Management staff ) 

Развитие карьеры студентов

At Maynooth University, the Career Development Centre provides a service that is student-focussed, professional and informative.  We are happy to assist you and work with you as you progress through the steps in discovering your career.

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Maynooth University

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Maynooth is a major destination in North Kildare, whether you are studying, visiting the historic town or just shopping and there are a few ways to get here depending on how you like to travel.

There are a range of travel options for students and visitors to get here safely, economically and, of course, sustainably. The campus is easily accessible by bus and train and, if you’re local, on foot or by bicycle.