Санкт-Петербургский государственный университет - СПбГУ - Saint Petersburg State University (SPbGU)

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Санкт-Петербургский государственный университет - СПбГУ

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There are two ways to apply for enrollment at the SPbGU: by submitting your documents in person to the admissions board, or by mailing them. Officers on the admissions board will also tour a number of regions throughout Russia and neighboring states, accepting applications for Bachelor's and specialty programs. If you are contemplating the option of paying for your education, you will need to file two applications - one for budget funding and one for a paid seat - at the same time. You can track the status of your application on the SPbGU admissions board website.

Applications are accepted starting from the end of June over the course of roughly one month, depending on the department. The first wave of admissions occurs at the end of July, and the final lists of admitted students are published in mid August. A candidate can apply to no more than 5 universities and no more than 3 specialties at once. Applications for Master's programs are accepted until July 13 for budget seats and until September 12 for paid seats.

Foreign students may need a visa in order to take the admission exams. To obtain a visa you will have to submit an application to the foreign section of your department of choice. The paperwork for obtaining an invitation letter and visa may take around 2.5 months, so be sure to make your preparations in advance.


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The university buildings are located on Vasilyevsky Island, in the Smolny Palace, and in Peterhof. The Vasileostrovsky (on Vasilyevsky Island) and Petrodvortsovy (in Peterhof) are two of SPbGU's student campuses housing a total of 20 dormitories. The Vasileostrovsky complex is located in downtown Saint Petersburg within walking distance of a subway station and bus stations. The Petrodvortsovy complex is located outside city limits, but has all the amenities necessary for learning and relaxation. Getting from the Petrodvortsovy to Saint Petersburg is easy by commuter train or bus.