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Swiss Institute for Management and Hospitality

Студенческая жизнь

Continuously developing educational and well-being initiatives to strengthen our unique and forward thinking culture at SWISS IM&H. A familiar and respectful atmosphere among management, faculty and students, contributes greatly to an environment conducive to personal prosperity and development; similar to the way a real hospitality professional will treat their future clients and team.

Adding Value at every step - we are a niche and forward thinking player. As an established and familiar school with a great cost benefit relationship, we take care of our students from their initial studies to the start and development of a successful career.

At the SWISS IM&H we focus on ‘Sustainability and the Environment’ within the Hospitality and Tourism curriculum. The creation and execution of a present institute strategy places the students and learning environment centre stage, to meet the collective global needs of the business and hospitality industry for both the present and the future.

Проживание студентов

The university helps students find accommodation.

Развитие карьеры студентов

C4C+ plays a central contact role in students’ development across all the value points throughout their time on campus. This begins from the very time they arrive and further extends to when they become a SWISS IM&H Alumni member. The C4C+ crosses several development points such as reflection, meditation, well-being, critical thinking and personal branding which are all important components of the 'plus'. Having the 'plus' next to the classic career development planning, which include CV and cover letter design and a personal branding development program, collectively make a strong value point for any student joining us here in Switzerland. Continuous developments are being made in line with our ‘revitalization’ forward planning projects.


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Swiss Institute for Management and Hospitality
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Switzerland is renowned as the best choice for Hospitality Professionals to study in order to be Professionals; with more than 500 years of Hospitality tradition, it is home to the world’s finest Hospitality Schools, offering the art of blending hospitality learning with practical implementation. It is this unique method of education that sees Swiss Hotel Schools as more promising and elite in the global industry. SWISS IM&H is one such Hotel Management Institutes in Switzerland offering accredited academic and professional courses for hospitality professionals.

Switzerland has much to offer: mountains, lakes, outdoors, excellent transport infrastructure, lots of chocolate and good cheese! 

But most important, according to ‘Studying in Switzerland’ nearly 25% of the students and 50% of the academic population in Switzerland are internationals, providing you the wonderful opportunity to build a robust hospitality network and to share knowledge with English speaking professionals. Nevertheless, an additional language is always beneficial to hoteliers, and at SWISS IMH, we provide all our students German lessons at the elementary and Advanced levels to advance better internship prospects.

Switzerland is one of the safest countries in the world (Global Peace Index 2019) and is in the top of happiest countries worldwide (World Happiness Report 2019), being placed 5th out of 169 countries by the Bloomberg Health Index 2019.