Университет Северной Каролины в Чапел-Хилл - University of North Carolina

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Университет Северной Каролины в Чапел-Хилл

Студенческая жизнь

The Office of Student Life & Leadership works with all student organizations in UNC to facilitate their use of University resources and to empower students in their provision of services, programs, and activities that enhance the academic experience, extend learning, and build community at Carolina. Different meetings & Events are organized every week.

Проживание студентов

First-year students are assigned housing in one of the 32 residence halls on the campus of UNC-Chapel Hill, divided into 13 different residential communities. Approximate cost of renting single-room is $6,300 per year.  Assignments for accommodation are made in the order of student’s randomly-assigned lottery number. Another option is to apply for living in an inclusive private sector “Granville Towers”.

Развитие карьеры студентов

American and International companies actively recruit UNC students. For 2015 year, 87% of undergraduates were employed full-time. The majority of them (40%) are employed in financial services and about 22% - in Consulting services. Besides, International students are permitted to work on-campus as part of their immigration status. However, in order to engage in off-campus employment, students must apply and be approved for employment authorization.  

Graduate employment:  70%

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University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States
NC 27599
United States
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The University of North Carolina is situated in Chapel Hill city of North Carolina State in USA. UNC Chapel Hill's 3.0 km2 campus over Chapel Hill's downtown area encompasses places like the Morehead Planetarium and the many stores and shops located on historic center of social life - Franklin Street. The university's campus is informally divided into three regions, usually referred to as "north campus," "middle campus," and "south campus”.