Wageningen University and Research Centre - Wageningen University and Research Centre

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Wageningen University and Research Centre

Студенческая жизнь

Wageningen Campus is an attractive meeting place for entrepreneurs, researchers, students and other visitors. The buildings are situated in and around a large open, natural green space with plenty of seating, bodies of water, an outdoor arena and hiking opportunities. The Sports Centre de Bongerd is also located on campus. There are several restaurants with a great variety of dishes and there is ample space to meet with clients, colleagues and friends in the public buildings. And in 2016, a number of shops will open in Campus Plaza.

The Campus

Wageningen Campus is designed as a meeting place for researchers, new and established entrepreneurs and students in the field of nutrition and food production, living environment and health. Wageningen Campus consists of two locations: the Wageningen University & Research buildings themselves and the Business & Science Park.

Wageningen Campus offers a range of facilities and amenities. Companies and organisations are able to set up in a business complex or incubator. They can also utilise Wageningen University & Research’s top-quality research facilities and those of other companies on Wageningen Campus. There is also the Expat Center, numerous meeting places, an attractive event programme, a good selection of cafes and restaurants, a wide range of sports facilities and there are even shops coming soon.

The central grounds of Wageningen campus consist of a green oasis with plenty of pieces of visual art. The meadows, hedgerows, water bodies and forested areas on campus are part of several ecological corridors. 

Проживание студентов

Accommodation is guaranteed for international BSc students who apply in advance. The university offers furnished rooms— some managed by housing company iNFacilities and some managed by housing company Idealis. Approximate rent is between €238 and €409 per month depending on type of facilities and location.

Развитие карьеры студентов

Wageingen offers many opportunities to find job, which also include work on-campus, and cooperation with university alumni.

In the academic year 2012-2013, almost 50% of the employment seeking Wageningen University students found a job before graduation. Wageningen University students find employment in a wide variety of sectors. 18% of total number of graduates with a job started working for a governmental organization, 15% found employment at a university, 15% at a multinational, 13% at a consultancy agency, 12% at an NGO and 36% at another organizations.

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Wageningen University and Research Centre
Wageningen, Netherlands
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+31 (0) 317 480100
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Wageningen Campus is centrally located in the Netherlands with excellent road connections with Amsterdam, Rotterdam and the Hague (just over an hour from Amsterdam and Schiphol), Utrecht (40 minutes), Arnhem (20 minutes) and Nijmegen (just over half an hour). Besides Schiphol, the campus is also within one hour from the international airports of Eindhoven and Düsseldorf Weeze.

The town of Wageningen, where the university is based, is a historic town on the banks of the Rhine. Each year in May the town holds a festival which draws in thousands of visitors, celebrating the town’s significance as the site of the liberation of the Netherlands at the end of the Second World War.