Wageningen University and Research Centre - Wageningen University and Research Centre

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Wageningen University and Research Centre

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Wageningen University and Research Centre (Wageningen UR) has the unique position of being the only university in the Netherlands to focus on healthy food and the living environment. Wageningen UR’s history dates back to 1876, when it opened as a national agricultural college.

Nowadays the university consists of Wageningen University and the former agricultural research institutes of the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture. In the field of life sciences, agricultural and environmental science, the university is considered world-class. 

Wageningen University offers undergraduate and professional degrees, including doctorates. Its core focus is the life and agricultural sciences. 

According to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings Wageningen University is the best in the Netherlands and No. 1 worldwide, in agriculture and forestry for 2016 on the QS World University Rankings charts. In the 2017 Times Higher Education World University Rankings it was ranked 65th overall in the world and 16th in Life Sciences.

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Wageningen UR trains specialists in life and social sciences and focuses its research on scientific, social and commercial problems in the field of life sciences and natural resources.

The language of instruction is partly Dutch, partly English. The programs are offered in the field of economy & society, health, life sciences & technology, nature & environment, animals & plants. 

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Wageningen University and Research Centre
Wageningen, Netherlands
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Wageningen Campus is centrally located in the Netherlands with excellent road connections with Amsterdam, Rotterdam and the Hague (just over an hour from Amsterdam and Schiphol), Utrecht (40 minutes), Arnhem (20 minutes) and Nijmegen (just over half an hour). Besides Schiphol, the campus is also within one hour from the international airports of Eindhoven and Düsseldorf Weeze.

The town of Wageningen, where the university is based, is a historic town on the banks of the Rhine. Each year in May the town holds a festival which draws in thousands of visitors, celebrating the town’s significance as the site of the liberation of the Netherlands at the end of the Second World War.