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Технический Университет в Либерце

Студенческая жизнь

Most of the university buildings are located on campus. They include laboratories, a range of lecture halls and seminar rooms, museums, sports and other facilities. The campus provides meal that suits every student. Vegetarian and gluten-free dishes are available daily in the dining halls. But if you are looking for a large supermarket, however, it is best to go downtown.

The Technical University of Liberec is also proud of its excellent facilities for social, cultural and sport events. Only a few universities in the Czech Republic offer as versatile sporting possibilities as those available at the TUL. The University runs a Sports Complex which in addition to the excellent facilities in Liberec and its surroundings enables a wide range of summer and winter sport activities.

The University offers excellent facilities for sport activities, grants everybody an access to hard copies of resources in the University Library and to the digital resources online via a Wi-Fi link provided everywhere on campus.

Students participate in sports and other activities, including tennis, football, badminton, wall-climbing, rope center, mini-golf, beach volleyball and spinning. University sports are under the administration of the Academic Sports Center which is a part of the Faculty of Sciences, Humanities and Education.

Проживание студентов

The Residence Halls of the university have been evaluated as the best theirs in the Czech Republic; they are modern, comfortable and offer high-speed internet connection, excellent sport facilities, student clubs and medical services on-site.

The university guarantees international students rooms in its halls of residence for low prices. 

Advantages of living in Harcov students dormitory include:

  • comfortable (two rooms share a bathroom and a kitchenette);
  • near to the main campus (approx. 15 minutes on foot);
  • affordable (approx. USD 110/month in a double room or USD 183/month in a single room);
  • rooms are fully equipped (including blankets, pillows and bed linens);
  • washing machine, vacuum cleaner, etc. available on site.

A deposit in cash CZK 3,000 is to be paid upon arrival. 

Развитие карьеры студентов

TUL alumni are highly sought after by national and international companies. With a focus on science, nanoparticles and nanofibers, top level textile engineering research, chameleon fabrics and smart fabrics with built-in optical fibres, The Nanospider™ – electrospinning, environmental remediation and protection with the help of nanotechnology, biomedical applications of nanofibers, and innovation for automotive industry, TUL is a leader in the field.

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Technical University of Liberec
Studentská 1402/2,
Liberec, Czech Republic
461 17
Czech Republic
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+420 485 351 111
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100 km north to Prague and 300 km to Berlin, Liberec is a diverse city situated in between the Ještěd-Kozákov Ridge and the Jizera Mountains, famous for many ski resorts. Although it has quality public transport the entire city centre is accessible on foot, including the university which is slightly west of the centre, metres from the Harcovská Dam, a popular swimming destination.