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Студенческая жизнь

Diverse and eventful campus

Studying in a foreign country can be very intimidating. How different will it be from what you are used to? Is this school just about studying hard and getting good grades? How will you fit in with all these cold Norwegians? Is it all work or will you have any fun at all?

Don’t worry.

What you will experience when you start at BI is a good mix of people and an atmosphere where people are curious about you. With more than 20,000 students from 124 different countries, we are proud of our diversity. As an international student you will be popular, as Norwegians love practicing their English.

We have several vibrant student communities and we encourage all students to use the first weeks to explore them and find something that fits your interests. Establishing a network will not only help you settle in, but also improve your understanding of the Scandinavian way of thinking and the Scandinavian leadership model.

Проживание студентов

As a BI student you are guaranteed with student housing if you apply before the housing deadline. Housing deadline for 2020 has been postponed to 15 May. If you have not completed your application yet, we encourage you to follow this link and do it as soon as possible. Click here to apply.

For students outside of EU countries, if you would like to use your deposit to pay for rents before arrival or during the first few months before getting your Norwegian bank account, we would recommend choosing SiO housing as they are also the deposit account service provider.

The process is simple, you just need to fill out your information, state your preference of different housing providers and pay the administration fee. Once the allocation is made, the housing provider will contact you directly. To give you a picture of the housing options, we prepared a small comparison table, where you can see the price range, transportation and utilities. Please note that the transportation time is based on google map and for the actual housing price please refer to each housing provider’s website.

There are many different housing options for international students and national students to choose from. When international students apply for priority housing, the housing provider in Bergen is called Sammen. Rent varies depends on the room type you choose, how many people you are sharing with and location.

Sammen has multiple student housing for students to choose from in Bergen. You can easily visit their website to see the full list of housing they offer. They can meet your need of living in the center, close to school or even close to the hiking and the ocean. Here are a some options from Sammen that most BI students choose to stay at:

    • Fantoft
    • Damsgård
    • Alrek

    Room Types

    There many different types of rooms. We will provide you some basic information to understand what is the difference between room types.

    Single room is the room type that you will have your own room, but might share bathroom and kitchen with 1-7 people depends on the housing provider. For example, BSN single room is sharing the common area with 1 person. But for Kringsjå, Sogn or Bjølsen, you might share with more.

    Studio is the room type that you will have your own room, bathroom and kitchen all by yourself.

    Please note that BI housing only guarantee the single room!

    Also, you can find a map below, which has main SiO student housing options, BSN and Diakonhjemmet highlighted on it. You can see how far/close they are located to BI campus, city center and etc.

    Развитие карьеры студентов

    • Name: Loc Nguyen
    • Degree programme: MSc in Business - Major in finance
    • Home country: Vietnam

    Some of the common myths about internships, such as learning how to make coffee, photocopying documents or working unpaid for weeks might discourage students from applying. However, from my perspective, the internship at Nordea was the first milestone that paved the way for my career. Here are my personal tips that might help you along the way.

    From the internship application and to the interview stage

    Working at Nordea was my dream job for the internship period of the 2nd semester at BI's Master program. However, as an international student, I was well-aware of the difficulties in competition with other candidates. I knew I had to prepare a good application. First of all, an early application at the end of the 1st semester gave me adequate time for preparation. Thankfully, BI' s instruction during the application process also provided meaningful support.

    With proper preparation, together with my achievements in various activities, (BI case study club, BI business society and International Student Association) during the bachelor and the master's degree study time, I became one of few candidates to pass the strict recruitment process of Nordea. I got into the interview stage for the internship!

    How to nail the interview

    In the interview stage I believe the best approach is honesty. Personalities play an important role in the recruitment process. It is one of the key points to identify you as a potential asset for the company. Therefore, in my opinion, be honest, take ownership and dare to fail.

    Network is everything

    Eight weeks is not a long time to thoroughly learn any sophisticated skills, or knowledge in a working environment. However, the most valuable experience of an internship is to build a network, and experience real working experience in Norway. Developing relationships and understanding a company's operations gave me an early foundation for my future on the corporate ladder.

    Hard work pays off

    On completing my internship, I was accepted to become a temporary employee of Nordea until my graduation in 2017. The journey as an internship turned into a job offer, which helped med afford the costs for the rest of my studying time. Working hard and being determined on my preparations for the future, resulted in a permanent job at one of the finest corporations in Norway – Nordea, immediately following graduation. In 2018 I got into the Top 100 list of Young Executives of the year 2018 in Norway.

    My advice to fellow master students during an internship:

    • Always ask for honest feedback from people to improve your weaknesses.
    • Sometimes stop and look back at what you have done, and try to think before moving on to the next step (reflection)
    • Never say no. A yes will lead you into different situations, and it is the best way to learn, and to experience what you have never had before.

    Good luck, hopefully this will help you have the right attitude toward applying, interviewing, and getting the internship. It should be a solid chance for you as a student to step ahead in your career.

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    BI Norwegian Business School has 4 campuses in Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, and Trondheim:

    1. Oslo: 

    BI Norwegian Business School

    Nydalsveien 37

    0484 Oslo

    2. Bergen: 

    BI Norwegian Business School

    Kong Christian Frederiks plass 5

    5006 Bergen

    3. Stavanger: 

    BI Norwegian Business School

    Byfjordparken 17

    4007 Stavanger

    4. Trondheim: 

    BI Norwegian Business School

    Brattørkaia 16

    7010 Trondheim