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BI Norwegian Business School

Вступительные требования

If you want to submit an application for admission to BI’s studies or courses, feel free to contact the Education Index team on the right.

Application deadlines

BI Norwegian Business School is a private institution and the admissions process is not handled by Samordna opptak (Norwegian Universities and Colleges Admissions Service). You can therefore apply for admission to our full-time programmes after the priority deadlines outlined below.

  • March 1 for international Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Business Analytics applicants
  • April 15 for Norwegian Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Business Analytics applicants
  • March 1 for Master of Science applicants (application deadline for scholarships is March 1)

BI offers rolling admission thereafter, based on availability. The application web for BI’s Master of Science programmes closes August 1.

If you apply for admission to one of our part-time programmes, there will be continuous admissions until the respective course or programme starts.

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BI Norwegian Business School has 4 campuses in Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, and Trondheim:

1. Oslo: 

BI Norwegian Business School

Nydalsveien 37

0484 Oslo

2. Bergen: 

BI Norwegian Business School

Kong Christian Frederiks plass 5

5006 Bergen

3. Stavanger: 

BI Norwegian Business School

Byfjordparken 17

4007 Stavanger

4. Trondheim: 

BI Norwegian Business School

Brattørkaia 16

7010 Trondheim