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Брандейский университет

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Sited in Waltham, Mass., on 235 attractive suburban acres, Brandeis is in an ideal location just nine miles west of Boston.

Brandeis’ beautiful 235-acre campus offers the best of both worlds — safety and security, as well as quick and easy access to Boston. The majority of Brandeis’ 3,700 undergraduate students live on campus each year.

The Department of Community Living cultivates an inclusive, diverse, and symbiotic living and learning environment in all of residence halls. Community members are empowered to respectfully challenge each other and engage in opportunities of holistic enrichment through critical thinking, constructive dialogue, and leadership development.

The university has an active student government, the Brandeis Student Union, as well as more than 270 student organizations and 19 varsity sports (nine men’s and 10 women’s). Fraternities and sororities are officially prohibited by Brandeis University, as they are contrary to a central tenet of the university, namely, that student organizations be open to all students, with membership determined by competency or interest. 

Aside from on-campus entertainment and activities, students prefer to to hang out in Waltham as well as Boston. The good thing is that it is very easy to get to the city with the Brandeis free shuttle.

Проживание студентов

There are a variety of comfortable and enjoyable on-campus housing options at Brandeis. First year students live in either Massell or North, both of which are traditional style hall living arrangements containing single, double and triple rooms. Midyear students live in the Village during the spring semester.

All apartments have a kitchen area and private bathroom. The Castle offers traditional hall style living and suite living arrangements. Rooms are singles, doubles, natural triples or lofted triples. Residence halls are either traditional corridor style, suite style or apartment style. Rooms on traditional style halls open up onto a hallway and have communal bathroom facilities. Suite-style rooms share a common living area and have private bathrooms for the suite. Apartment-style rooms share a kitchen and private bathrooms. Some apartment spaces share a common living area too. Students are responsible for cleaning common areas in suites and apartments, including bathrooms, kitchens and living areas. Students in suites and apartments must also provide their own paper products.

Развитие карьеры студентов

The Hiatt Career Center assists students and alumni in developing the skills to transform their unique backgrounds, liberal arts education and experiential learning into meaningful professional futures and relationships.  Hiatt engages employers, colleagues, parents and families and the greater Brandeis community to achieve this mission.

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Brandeis University
415 South St,
Waltham, United States
MA 02453
United States
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+1 781-736-2000
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The university is located in Waltham, Massachusetts. It is 14 km west of Boston and is accessible through Brandeis/Roberts station on the Fitchburg Commuter Rail Line, a free shuttle that services Boston and Cambridge (Harvard Square) Thursday through Sunday,  the nearby above ground Riverside subway station on the Green Line, and the 553 MBTA Bus. Boston is also the nearest city with an airport.