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Kyoto University

Студенческая жизнь

Kyoto University comprises of three campuses: Yoshida, Uji, and Katsura, as well as a number of facilities located throughout Japan.

Yoshida Campus

Yoshida Campus has been at the core of the university's activities since its founding. In particular, the main campus is home to structures of varying architectural styles, ranging from brick buildings dating back to the time of the institution's establishment—such as the Clock Tower Centennial Hall that has become the symbol of the university—to modern laboratory buildings. It can be said that Yoshida Campus truly represents the history of Kyoto University in tangible form.

Uji Campus

Formerly owned by the Imperial Japanese Army, the site of the Uji Campus came into the possession of Kyoto University in 1949. The campus is now home to a collection of research institutes, centers, and large-scale testing facilities devoted to natural science and energy related fields. Although the campus hosts many state-of-the-art laboratories engaged in the development of cutting-edge science and technology, it is rich in greenery and enjoys a tranquil suburban setting.

Katsura Campus

Kyoto University's third campus, Katsura Campus, consists of four Clusters. Conceived as a "Techno-science Hill", Katsura Campus is a locus where technology and science merge in exciting new ways. This innovative base for exploring new areas of knowledge opened in October 2003. It is a place where technology and nature blend and interact in sophisticated ways, and where research in engineering and informatics is pursued based on a new paradigm for the 21st century.

The extensive network of over 6,700,000 holdings throughout 50 libraries maintained at Kyoto University is the third largest collection in Japan. The library network’s activities include the organization of public lectures and rare material exhibits, preservation and restoration of resources, staff development and other forms of support, and research into overseas libraries among a wide variety of other initiatives.

Holders of Kyoto University student identification cards are allowed free entry to the regular exhibitions at the Kyoto National Museum, Nara National Museum, and the National Museum of Modern Art, and regular and special exhibitions at the Chado (tea ceremony) Research Center Gallery. Details are given on the Kyoto University website.

Student Lounge "KI-ZU-NA" opened in the spring of 2002. The name "KI-ZU-NA" means "bonds" in Japanese. The lounge was named as such because it is meant to be a space for students to create bounds of friendship beyond borders. At "KI-ZU-NA", international and Japanese students, university staff, professors, researchers, and others can get together to join or organize cross-cultural activities. "KI-ZU-NA" has a salon where students can chat and relax. There is also a reading room (lending library), which provides books for Japanese language learning, books in English, and so on. The reading room is equippied with two computers for internet access.

Also, "KI-ZU-NA" promotes cultural exchange through monthly events in which students can participate.

Проживание студентов

Kyoto University has five International Houses, which provide accommodation for international students and researchers. However, the number of rooms available and length of tenancy of the Houses are limited. International students are also eligible to apply for accommodation in public housing and Kyoto Universityʼs Student Dormitories (open to domestic and international students). Many international students choose to live in private housing, such as private apartments.


Kyoto University
Kyoto University Yoshida-honmachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8501 JAPAN
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Kyoto University comprises three campuses (Yoshida, Uji and Katsura) and a number of research facilities located across Japan.

Katsura Campus: The campus is a short bus-ride away from the nearby JR and Hankyu Railway stations.

Uji Campus: The campus is easily accessed by the Keihan and JR railways, and Kyoto University also runs a regular shuttle bus service among all three campuses. Yoshida Campus: The oldest of Kyoto University’s three main campuses,

Yoshida Campus is conveniently located in an urban environment 30 minutes by bus to the north-east of Kyoto Station.