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Нью-Йоркский университет

Стоимость учебы в Нью-Йоркский университет на 2024 - 2025

Total annual costs in 2016 for living on-campus non-residents calculated to be about $72,000 a year. This sum includes tuition and fees ($49,000), room and board ($18,000), books and supplies ($1,000) and other expenses ($4,000) per year.

Students who need financial help, get it with possibility of 70%. 

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New York University
70 Washington Square South, New York City, United States
United States
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+1 212-998-1212
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New York - a city which seems to know everyone on the planet, "capital of the world", metropolis on the east coast of the United States. NYU's "campus" is New York City. Its heart is in Greenwich Village around Washington Square Park with important hubs along the Health Corridor of First Avenue near 30th Street, near Midtown East, and in downtown Brooklyn.  With institutes, centers, and academic buildings reaching as far north as the Upper East Side, and as far south as the Financial District, getting from place to place at NYU requires transportation services which run between all of the major academic building locations, including the Medical Center, and NYU residence halls.