Swiss School of Higher Education - Swiss School of Higher Education

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Swiss School of Higher Education

Студенческая жизнь

The educational process is organized in accordance with the program.

The academic year contents 2/3 semesters (Fall, Spring or/and Summer) and 2 sessions of exams. Student can begin his program in Fall, Spring or Summer Semester. In the end of semester student will have an exam session in accordance of the program. 

Student needs to pass all exams in the program. Passing score is 3.5 points. The maximal score is 6 points. Student has a right to retake an exam one time if he has a minimum of 2.5 points. If first exam resulted in less than 2.5 points or retake results in less than 3.5 points leads to student suspension. 

Проживание студентов

We have a spacious apartment for our students right in the centre of city Montreux. Situated in the same building where the university is, our students can rely on comfortable and quick path to their studies. And don’t forget about picturesque view from the 6th floor balcony on lake Léman. Education has never been so easy and enjoyable!

For those, who are interested in accommodation outside of our campus, we can offer full range of different variants, from rooms to spacious apartments. These services are brought by our wide network of real estate companies. Contact SSHE administration to find more.


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Swiss School of Higher Education
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The university is located in the centre of Montreux (Switzerland).