Swiss School of Higher Education - Swiss School of Higher Education

успешных поступлений


студентов поступают с первого раза


консультаций студентов с вузами мира

Swiss School of Higher Education

Вступительные требования

Future student needs to present these documents:

  • Completed SSHE application form
  • Photocopy of all academic diplomas or certificates obtained.
  • For Bachelor: High School Diploma or equivalent
  • For Masters: Bachelor degree or equivalent
  • For Doctorate: Master degree or equivalent
  • Passport photo scan (2 passport photographs if sent by post)
  • Photocopy of valid passport or permit.
  • English certificate. If the future student doesn’t have English certificate, he can pass an exam at SSHE.
  • CV or Resume

If these documents are enough, future student receives Preliminary Acceptance Letter and Invoice. Future student needs to contact SSHE and to pay the tuition fees. Once the payment is settled, SSHE issues an Admission letter confirming the payment and Attestation, which is a confirmation of admission.

A student who needs visa type D needs to contact Embassy of Switzerland in their country as soon as possible, because the process of obtaining the visa can be long.

When student receives his visa type D ant when he is in Switzerland, he must be present at school for final steps of his Admission process and for further steps about obtaining his B study permit. SSHE can help the students with all questions about the legal stay in the country, but the school does not responsible for this process. Student bears full responsibility for any given documents for his visa and permit.


Как ВЕРНО выбрать ВУЗ за рубежом?
ПОЛУЧИТЬ пошаговый план нашего основателя Яны Драпкиной- Уэхара
7 стр.
Swiss School of Higher Education
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The university is located in the centre of Montreux (Switzerland).