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Миннесотский университет

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Minnesota's athletic teams have won 20 national championships as of 2015.

The number of fraternities and sororities at the University of Minnesota is extensive. Besides, any student can be involved in the university’s media activity, which includes Minnesota newspapers, radio, television and sports.

Проживание студентов

Each freshmen is guaranteed housing by the university. So, 89% of freshmen live in College Housing, and about 23% of all students use this option.

The university offers single, double, triple rooms with different amount meals per week and apartments options.

The campus

The Minneapolis and St. Paul campuses are approximately 4.8 km apart. Today, the University's Minneapolis campus is divided by the Mississippi River into an East and West Bank.

The East Bank covers the main portion of the campus. To help ease navigation of the large campus, the University has divided the East Bank into several areas: the Knoll area, the Mall area, the Health area, the Athletic area, and the Gateway area.

The Knoll area, the oldest part of the University's current location, is located in the northwestern part of the campus where most disciplines relate to the humanities. Northrop Mall area is arguably the center of the Minneapolis campus. Four of the larger buildings to the sides of it are the primary mathematics, physics, and chemistry buildings and Walter Library. The Health area is to the southeast of the Mall area and focuses on undergraduate buildings for biological-science students, as well as the University of Minnesota Medical Center. Across the street from Fairview Hospital is an area known as the "Superblock". This is one of the most popular locations for on-campus housing because it has the largest concentration of students living on campus and has a multitude of social activities between the residence halls. The Athletic area includes recreation/athletic facilities which are all connected by tunnels and skyways allowing students to use one locker-room facility. 

The West Bank Arts Quarter includes Theatre Arts & Dance Centers, School of Music, and Concert Halls. The Social Sciences are also on the West Bank and include the Carlson School of Management, the Law School, and the Hubert H. Humphrey School of Public Affairs. Wilson Library, the largest library in the University system, is also located here. 

Развитие карьеры студентов

About 92% of students are full-time employed after graduation. Alumni of the university have started 10,000 companies, employing 500,000 and generating revenue of $100 billion.

Thus, Minnesota university is ranked by Forbes as one of the 10 best educational employers in America.

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Minnesota State is often called - Land of ten thousand lakes. Due to its nature's generosity, it is recognized the most livable American State.

Despite the fact that the capital of Minnesota is St. Paul, the largest and most famous culturally in the state still is Minneapolis. There are located the Institute of Art, where you can always see the interesting exhibition, Walker Art Center, which holds works by Pablo Picasso, Henry Moore, Frederick Weisman Art Museum. However, Minneapolis and St. Paul called the "twin cities", they even arranged opposite each other on opposite banks of the Mississippi. But Minneapolis is more modern: here you can find wide busy streets and soaring skyscrapers.