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Миннесотский университет

Стоимость учебы в Миннесотский университет

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Стоимость учебы в Миннесотский университет на 2024 - 2025

Tuition rates vary based on individual factors, including your student status. 

For non-residents average cost of attendance calculated for 2016 is about $37,000. This price includes tuition and fees ($24,000), room and board ($10,000), books and supplies ($1,000) and other expenses ($2,200). If a student has a financial need, they can get it with almost 99% chance.

The application fee is $55.

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ПОЛУЧИТЬ пошаговый план нашего основателя Яны Драпкиной- Уэхара
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University of Minnesota
231 Pillsbury Drive S.E., Minneapolis, United States
MN 55455
United States
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+1 612-625-5000
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Minnesota State is often called - Land of ten thousand lakes. Due to its nature's generosity, it is recognized the most livable American State.

Despite the fact that the capital of Minnesota is St. Paul, the largest and most famous culturally in the state still is Minneapolis. There are located the Institute of Art, where you can always see the interesting exhibition, Walker Art Center, which holds works by Pablo Picasso, Henry Moore, Frederick Weisman Art Museum. However, Minneapolis and St. Paul called the "twin cities", they even arranged opposite each other on opposite banks of the Mississippi. But Minneapolis is more modern: here you can find wide busy streets and soaring skyscrapers.